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VorCat, Inc. was established in 2001 as a spin-off from Krispin Technologies, Inc. (KTI) in order to commercialize the VorCat technology.
VorCat, Inc., has capitalized on a number of technical breakthroughs in
the numerical solution of fluid flow phenomena via gridfree methods to develop, implement, and commercialize
a vortex method for the prediction of incompressible/ turbulent flows.

VorCat, Inc.  offers unparalleled capabilities in this field it holds all intellectual property associated with the VorCat technology,  including a U.S. Patent and a Trademark.



V.flow represents the first release of commercial software based on the grid-free, vortex method.
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V.Heat is an extension of V.Flow that allows simulating heat transfer in the context of incompressible, turbulent flows.

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v.particle is an extension of v.flow that allows simulating particulates that are embedded in the incompressible, turbulent fluid.

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v.viz is the visualization partner to all of the VorCat turbulence modeling software products.

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v.Stereo is a plug-in to v.viz which provides extensive sterescopic viewing support on affordable desktop graphics workstations.

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News & Events

February 2018

Woodland Hills CA, Febrary, 2018 -- VorCat, Inc. has been selected for a SBIR Phase I award from the Depatment of Energy to port Vorcat apps to the High-Performance Computing (HPC) cloud. The over-arching goal of this project is to offer Vorcat apps that can be employed for the simulations of complex energy applications.


July/October, 2017

Woodland Hills, California, July  2017 -- VorCat, Inc..has been selected, among more than 3,000 projects, as part of Hello Tomorrow’s Top 500 deep-tech startups worldwide. More info available at https://hello-tomorrow.org/
Paris, October 2017 -- Vorcat, Inc. particpates in the Hello Tommorow conference and presents its innovative software to tech companies.

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June 2017

Woodland Hills, California, July  2017 -- VorCat, Inc..signs a distribution agreement with Tsingso of Beijing, China.

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January 2017

New Yoork City, January, 2017  -- VorCat, Inc. presents its revolutionary CFD software to the GreenTech Investprs Forum

April 2016

Woodland Hills CA, April, 2016 -- VorCat, Inc. wins a SBIR Phase I award from the National aeronautics and Astronautics Aministration (NASA) to utilize the 3D LES Vorcat software to analyze active flow control concepts.


September 2015

Woodland Hills, California, September, 2015 -- VorCat, Inc.. signs a distribution agreement with RemphTech, of Shanghai, China

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