Mesh Plots:
    - Display 2-, and 3-D surface meshes.
    - Supports "picking" of mesh elements with vertex
      information including coordinates, velocities,
      pressure, vorticity, temperature.

Contour Plots:
    - On 2- and 3-D surfaces, display contour lines,
       color flood between contour levels,  elements.
    - Interactively add and delete contour lines and
    - Automatically or manually label contour lines.
    - Configure legend, line type, color map, and contour
    - Use multiple contour variables to view and analyze
       interrelationships among several variables

Vector Plots:
    - Display 2- and 3-D vectors on planes, 3-D surfaces,
       and in volumes.
    - Display 3-D vector components tangent to 3-D
    - Display subset of vectors. Specify length, color,
       line type, and head style.
    - Color by variable.

Orientation Filters:
    - Filter VorCat data based on orientation to x-, y-,
       or z-axes.  

    - Create AVI formatted animations of VorCat data
       of unlimited length.
    - Easy to use VCR-like interface for stop / start /
       pause recording of entire time sequence or just
       particular portions.
    - Plays in nearly all media players.
    - Specific NTSC formatting options for transfer to

Lighting Models:
    - Realistic Global and Local lights highlights depth
      and orientation properties.

    - Choose from RGB Color Maps or 12 different
       metallic surfaces for geometry and VorCat data

Flexible Data Input Formats:
    - Supports ascii formatted input data.
    - Optimized binary format from supported VorCat
       modeling platforms.

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