V.flow represents the first release of commercial software based on the grid-free, vortex method. It is based on an innovative and patented technology by which incompressible, turbulent flow is simulated in three-dimensions by a time-accurate and physically consistent numerical methodology. VorCat, Inc. is the world leading CFD developer of this exciting new technology that represents a quantum leap in the simulations of turbulent flows compared to traditional methods, e.g., RANS and LES. The main attributes of the overall algorithm are: (i) Grid-free representation of the flow except for a very thin layer next to solid surfaces that is needed to resolve the strong gradients at the viscous sub-layer. This thin grid is automatically grown from an unstructured surface mesh, (ii) A hybrid sheet-filament representation of the vorticity field that mimics turbulent flow physics without requiring end-users to input ad-hoc turbulence models and, (iii) An adaptive, parallel, Fast Multipole Method (FMM) that allows the simulation of high Reynolds-number applications in reasonable turn-around times. V.Flow reduces the end-user gridding and pre-processing requirements to a minimum – only triangulation of the surface mesh is required – and together with our powerful visualization tool v.viz, allows for fast post-processing and meaningful analyses of the different aspects of complex turbulent flow applications.

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