At VorCat, we are devising innovative solutions to the computatonal fluid dynamics problems of today and tomorrow: making difficult problems easier to solve, faster to solve, and less expensive to solve. The following list contains some of the areas of engineering, physics, mathematics, and computing that  we are currently exploring.

General Expertise in Fluid Mechanics:

Incompressible and compressible flow
Laminar, transitioning and turbulent flow
Steady and unsteady flow
External and internal flow
Flow instability
Viscous and inviscid flow

rotor flows

Forced and free heat convection

Free surface flow
Two-phase particulate flow
Multiphase flow
Geophysical flows
Coastal hydraulics
Breaking waves
Vortex flows (e.g., wake vortices)
Non-hydrostatic ocean dynamics

Expertise in Turbulent modeling and simulation:

Boundary layer flow
Bluff body aerodynamics
Free shear flows, including jets and mixing layers
Particulate mixing
Heat transfer
Buoyancy flows
Ground vehicle aerodynamics
Ship hydrodynamics
Acoustic fields
RANS modeling
Large eddy simulations

Expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics and High Performance Computing:

Vortex methods
Fast multipole methods
Finite volume schemes
Unstructured meshes
Boundary element methods
Parallelization (MPI)

Expertise in Aerodynamics:

Classical aerodynamics of missile configurations
    (slender wings and slender bodies)
6 Degrees-of-Freedom (DoF) Simulations of Flying
    Systems and Subsystems
Computational aerodynamics of missile configurations
High-angle-of-attack aerodynamics (including
    separation and vortex breakdown)
Shock wave structure and dynamics
Computational Aero-thermodynamics (Chemically
    reacting flows)
Development and application of high-order
    numerical schemes to high-speed
Flows (including shock waves, two-phase flows,  
    chemically reacting flows and multi-fluids)
Development and application of projection methods
    to incompressible flows
Development of automatic mid-air refueling systems
Computation of critical fluids under microgravity
Simulations of nonclassical fluids (with non-convex
    equation of state)

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