We offer a wide range of consulting services to companies and entities that may be too busy with other pressing engineering problems or such that do not possess the expertise to perform a complete fluid dynamics design and analysis cycle.  

Our experts offer extensive knowledge of the unique VorCat methodology as well as broad experience in numerous aspects of fluid dynamics. VorCat Inc.’s consulting services will allow you to realize unparalleled competitive advantage.

Our consulting services include:

-    Project Consulting: A complete analysis of a fluids
    problem, from the problem definition, to simulations
    and analysis of the solutions. Our experts will assist
    you to plan, manage, and execute your project in
    accordance with your specifications and

-    Customization: Development of customized VorCat
    software tailored to the customer’s specifications.
    You may elect to install and use the customized
    software independently at your facilities to be used
    by your personnel and/or hire our experts to assist
    you with your projects.

-    Consulting Collaboration: We will collaborate with
    your experts in order to best utilize your in-house
    know-how and experience towards the establishment
    of superiority in CFD modeling based on the
    VorCat software.

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