Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software tools are used in a wide range of research and engineering fields to develop, test, and analyze technologies sensitive to fluid flow.  The great potential that CFD can bring to such endeavors is handicapped by the inadequcies of current fluid prediction schemes in the face of turbulent flows that are frequently encountered in engineering applications.  VorCat, Inc. has capitalized on a number of technical breakthroughs in the numerical solution of fluid flow phenomena via gridfree methods to develop, implement, and commercialize an innovative approach for the prediction of turbulent flow.   In order for VorCat, Inc. to compete successfully in the CFD market - which is  estimated to be over $1.5B annually with immediate potential growth to $3B -  it has embarked on the following tasks: to complete the development of commercial-grade software, develop marketing and sales infrastructure, and license the software to customers worldwide.  Our plan is first to target and gain a foothold in the traditional markets,  e.g., automotive, aerospace, and clean/green energy, to port apps relevant to said industries to the High Performnace Computing cloud, and later expand into newer markets such as electronics and semiconductors, biomedical and chemical processing.  Our goal is to become the holy grail in the CFD market.



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