Krispin Technologies, Inc. (KTI), a privately held S-Corporation located in Rockville, Maryland, was founded in 1996 to provide state-of-the-art R&D and application services in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).  KTI's projects, funded primarily by the U.S. federal government, resulted in several software products (e.g., CATAPULT).  Roughly one third of KTI's federally and commercially funded work has been applied towards the R&D of the innovative Vorcat technology.  Spurred by a number of technical breakthroughs in the numerical solution of fluid flow phenomena via VorCat, KTI established  VorCat, Inc. as a spin-off, C-Corporation for the purpose of commercializeing the VorCat code.  

The founders of VorCat, Inc. include the developers of the original, underlying technology as well as experts in related fields.  Together they have achieved the breakthroughs in turbulent flow prediction that are implemented in the VorCat software.  The management team includes individuals with expertise in technical management, R&D, marketing and sales, accounting, and business law.  We have established an excellent reputation, which has led to commitments from several major potential customers and partners to provide in-kind contributions to assist the venture in executing validation (beta-phase) tasks.  Other potential customers have contracted the services of  VorCat, Inc. for the purpose of demonstrating  and benchmarking the performance of the VorCat technology on applications of their own choosing. Potential customers contacted by us uniformly perceive the technology as revolutionary and intriguing and have  indicated a strong desire to purchase the technology upon the completion of its development.



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